Architecture is all about people.

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People are why great design matters to the architects at Wightman & Associates. Fresh ideas that solve problems and create new opportunities are critical to the human story, and more importantly, critical to your story.
Our team of architects, licensed in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin, uses the Design Thinking process to guide every interaction with you. Your goals, budget, and timeline set the foundation for what success will look like. It is this benchmark against which all options and ideas are measured.
Great design is not only determined by how it looks, but by how it performs for you. We use the latest research-based design techniques to create healthy, sustainable spaces that optimize lighting, acoustics, thermal comfort, and air quality. Studies show this increases productivity, improves comfort, reduces stressors, and moves you closer to your goals through human-centered, real world design.
We are experienced in creating sustainable spaces that work for you. Wightman designed the first building in southwest Michigan to receive a LEED Gold certification for sustainability from the United States Green Building Council.
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Services include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Space planning
  • Programming and schematics
  • 3-dimensional rendering
  • LEED design

Client settings include: